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The Value Of Silence.

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The Value Of Silence.

Post  Abu Fauzi on Tue May 16, 2017 11:34 am

As-Salaam alaikum,
In his book titled "THE IRSHAD", Muzaffer Ozak, may Allah be Merciful to him, observed that the value of silence is beautifully explained in the conversation between Allahu, Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, and our blessed Prohet Muhammad, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, on the night of Isra'i wal Mi'eraj.

Says Allah, Ta'ala, to our Master, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam:--

"O Ahmad, to be aware of doubt is the beginning and end of religion. Worship has 10
parts: eating lawful food accounts for 9 of those parts and silence is the other. I
develop the hearts of those who observe silence, while I wreak the hearts of those
who talk too much. Do you know (what] the reward due to a servant of Mine is if he
fasts and keeps silent to please Me?"

The Prophet, alaihi-salaat Was-Salaam, said: "My Lord, I do not know." So, the Exalted
One explained:-

"The reward for fasting, keeping silence and not talking too much is Wisdom.
The legacy of Wisdom is esoteric knowledge. The end of esoteric knowledge is
closeness to Me. I have 3 rewards for anyone who conducts himself to please
Me and earn My Divine approval:-

I Shall teach him such knowledge that no ignorance will remain in him
I Shall give him such intelligence that no forgetfulness will remain in him
I Shall give him such affection that he will love nothing other than Me.

That servant of Mine will have his heart so full of My love that there will be no space in it for any other. I love those who love Me. I also cause them to love My Servants. I make them Kings of the heart."

Abu Fauzi

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